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Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain

In this article, we're going to discuss a healthy pregnancy weight gain .  No it's not a just a straight number for every woman.  A lot depends on your pre-pregnancy weight and specifically what your BMI was before you were pregnant.  So let's have a look! 

What is BMI? 

BMI stands for Body Mass Index.  Well in simple terms, it's a measurement of your weight to height proportion.  Yes there is a bit more that goes into it, such as muscle amount and things, but that's the simple version.  So click the following link to find out your BMI ----> BMI calculator.  The higher your BMI, the less it is recommended for you to gain.  Also, if you're carrying twins or more, the amount you'll have to gain is higher! 

Pregnancy Weight Gain for BMI

Ok now you've got your BMI, let's look at the healthy pregnancy weight gain guidelines below. 

BMI                                  Weight Gain

18.5 or less                        28-40 pounds

18.5-24.9                           25-35 pounds

25-29.9                              15-25 pounds

30 or higher                       11-20 pounds

Now this is an indicator of the total amount of weight gain that is recommended.  It based off of recent studies and is one of the first recommendations of its kind to come out in about 20 years! Remember this is for informational purpose only.  You should always follow your physician's orders and recommendations for what your healthy pregnancy weight gain should be. 


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Awesome Maternity Belly Bands

So what is a maternity belly band anyways?  Well it's a band that wraps around your tummy during pregnancy.  It can allow you to wear your normal pants, shirts, and jeans without having to buy maternity pants!  It can also be used for breastfeeding after your little one is born!  Pretty awesome right?  Here's a few of the best maternity belly bands with great reviews!



Maternity Belly Bands and Reviews

Baby Be Mine Belly Band

This maternity belly band from Baby Be Mine and comes in a variety of colors, including black, white, pink, gray, brown and nude.  It's got a 4 star rating and works great for covering up the tops of your jeans or pants.

It works great for covering any gaps between your tops and bottoms, and can be used as a cover-up for breastfeeding later! This is a must-have for saving money on your maternity wardrobe!

It's made of cotton and spandex, and can be worn doubled up or full length as your tummy gets bigger.  The maternity band will grow with you!  It works great as a postpartum belly band while you're working that weight off as well!

It should be noted that the darker colors will cover the tops of your pants better than the light colors will.  Also one reviewer had a problem with the hem unraveling, and the company sent her a new one right away! 


Women's Everyday Maternity Bellaband

This maternity belly band is actually a bit a higher rated and with 4.3 star reviews.  Women say the fit is more true than some of the others available. 

It's made of over 80% nylon, meaning it'll hold it's elasticity, and should remain nice and supportive throughout your pregnancy!  

What else does 80% nylon mean?  It won't shrink up on you!  The last thing you need is a belly band that shrinks while your tummy is growing bigger. 

This maternity band can be worn full or half length as well to adjust to your size.  And again, it's a great postpartum belly band too!

Remember, if you're just going to get one, get a darker colored one, as these hide the tops of jeans much better!  Don't forget to follow the directions for washing either, they are machine washable, but tumble dry on gentle.  The point of buying a maternity belly band is to save money on clothes, so you want it to last, and it will, just follow the directions for washing! 

Supportive Pregnancy Belly Band


This fully adjustable support belt is perfect for anyone who is suffering from back pain during their pregnancy!  With 5 star reviews, it's fully adjustable and will grow with you. 

It's made of multiple layers and comes with supportive straps that can help take some of the pressure from your back.  Built-in special features keep this belt from rolling up on the sides, so no constant tugging! 

The side panels are also ventilated to help keep you from getting hot.  This is one of the best supportive maternity belly bands out there!

If you're suffering from back pain, this is really a must-have for you!  It's going to ease some of that pressure allow you to relax a bit during your pregnancy.  Don't waste anymore time thinking about it, get one and stop suffering! 

These are the top maternity belly bands we could find so far.  We'll be adding more as we find them, so check back at Pregnancy-101 often!  Also if you're looking for more information check out some of our other posts....

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Funny Pregnancy Pictures and Jokes

Funny-pregnancy-jokefunny pregnancy pic

funny pregnancy picture

A little pregnancy humor for ya!  It's difficult being pregnant, hopefully these funny pregnancy pictures make you smile!   These pictures are sure to make you crack a grin, enjoy! 
Funny yet practical tips and advice for first time dads!
With overwhelming 5 star reviews, get one for
soon to be daddies here! 
Kids these days..... sheesh!! 
Funny pregnancy pics
I'm at a loss for words here......
Very true......
Hope you enjoyed!!
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When Does Morning Sickness Peak?

Wait, there's a peak coming to this?   You may be a bit surprised to learn, but yes morning sickness does peak!  Well, for most people that is.... let's delve into it a little deeper shall we?  You probably already know, nothing is ever cut and dry, especially with pregnancies.  But there are some norms out there you can gauge yourself by.... 

When Does Morning Sickness Peak?

Does Morning Sickness Peak
When did your morning sickness peak?  Many
women claim around weeks 7-9 are the worst for
nausea during pregnancy!
The majority of women are going to see the morning sickness begin after the first month or 4 weeks of pregnancy.  You must keep in mind though, every woman is different and every pregnancy is different.  Some women are going to experience something totally different than what you might, and that's ok.  Even if you don't have morning sickness, it doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong. 

Now there is a huge range from about 4-18 weeks along when they say morning sickness can peak.  But most women are wanting a little something more specific.  There's no way of knowing for sure when yours will peak, but I did some research and talking amongst women myself.  I see many women claim their morning sickness peak was around weeks 7-9

Some women never get over their morning sickness, it just keeps going right on up to the end. Though experts aren't for sure what causes morning sickness, it's thought to be a rise in hormone levels of hCG.  There are some things you can do to stop morning sickness. 

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Wishing you a great pregnancy and all the best! 
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5 Tips to Stop Morning Sickness Fast

1.  Cinnamon to Stop Morning Sickness-

Cinnamon is a natural remedy for nausea.  If you have some handy you can put sticks into coffee or tea, or sprinkle some onto your toast or cereal.  Personally to stop morning sickness and nausea alike just chewing a piece of cinnamon gum seems to work very well.

You can also keep some cinnamon candies handy, like on your night stand, and pop one in your mouth as soon as you get up in the morning.  If you're having a lot of morning sickness, you may try a maternity belly band for support as well!

Stop Morning Sickness Fast- Peppermint
Peppermint is known to be a natural remedy for nausea and can help
stop morning sickness fast!

2.  Peppermint- Natural Way to Stop Your Morning Sickness Fast

Baby HumorPeppermint is again another natural remedy for nausea and can do wonders for your morning sickness.  Peppermint candy or gum as above works very well.  You can also opt for some peppermint herbal tea.  You can even try a little aromatherapy and use peppermint oil on a cotton ball.  Keep that cotton ball in a small plastic bag in your pocket then pull it out and take a whiff  anytime you want to stop nausea and morning sickness!

Extra- A little baby humor to make
you smile!


3.  Ginger Natural Way to Stop Morning Sickness

Ginger is touted as one of the best cures for nausea out there. You can actually find it in gum but it's not as easy as the cinnamon and peppermint.  Instead you'll have better luck if you drink it in tea form.  There are many recipes out there to make your own herbal tea from ginger or you can buy ready to brew.

Another option is buy fresh ginger from the store and chew on a few sprigs any time you feel nauseated.  This gets you a little of the herbs juices, and many swear by this remedy.  Don't forget about Ginger Ale either!  Sipping on a little Ginger Ale can really help stop that morning sickness too!

4.  Pressure Point Stops Morning Sickness

There is a pressure point located on your wrist that is said to cure nausea fast and can be very handy for stopping morning sickness.

Turn your palm toward the ceiling.  Place two fingers from your other hand right at the beginning of your wrist.

You're measuring two finger widths down, and where your fingers stop is your starting point.  Place your thumb right below those two fingers in the middle of your wrist.

Begin firmly massaging but not painfully, moving upward until you feel your wrist bones.

Stop there and massage for several minutes.  Presto!  Stops morning sickness fast!   Refer to the video for visual instructions.

 5.  Doctor's Remedy to Get Rid of Morning Sickness

An elderly doctor once told me that the best cure for morning sickness or nausea was to eat about half a bowl of completely plain oatmeal.  Then eat a piece of plain dry toast.  Finish off with a stick of cinnamon gum.

He swears by it and says he's used it for years and has worked like a charm.  I've tried the toast with the gum and it has worked.  I was usually too nauseated to attempt the oatmeal though.  It's definitely worth a try!   

Check this out if you're wondering when this morning sickness peaks, or will finally be over for good!