Thursday, June 7, 2012

5 Uncommon Signs Of Pregnancy

Ok so we are all pretty much aware of the more common signs of pregnancy.  A missed period, a positive pregnancy test, sore or tender breasts, and spotting are some of the more common signs.

Spotting is caused due to the egg implanting into the uterus and this can often be mistaken for a light menstrual period.

A missed period is a huge sign that you are pregnant but you may not miss your first period right after conceiving, or you may mistake implantation bleeding for this.

A positive pregnancy test is pretty much a sure sign, but it can take up to a month for a positive result to come up. And still there is a small percentage of women who take even longer to show positive.

Sore and tender breasts can easily be overlooked or attributed to something else.  So here is a list of some of the more uncommon or rather less noticeable signs of pregnancy!  

Look for these less noticeable early signs of pregnancy!
1.  Dizziness

When we become pregnant our blood vessels dilate and our body begins to make more blood.  It takes a while for our blood pressure to catch up to this change.  So having bigger vessels but not quite enough blood to fill them yet can result in dizziness and passing out.  Many women have an episode of dizziness or even faint, go to the doctor and discover they're pregnant!

2.  Frequent Urination

We go through a lot of hormonal changes when we become pregnant.  Some of these hormonal changes result in frequent urination.  So if you notice yourself frequenting the bathroom, you might take a closer look at the situation, you could be in for a surprise.

3.  Mood Swings

This can easily be attributed to other things as well.  I noticed that I began crying a lot.  I mean just at random commercials, and I had no idea why I thought they were so touching!  I also became very irritable and frequently bit my poor husband's head off, ha ha!

4. Dark Areolas 

Ok so you may notice your breasts are sore and you may not.  But noticing darkening of the areolas combined with tenderness or other symptoms can be a big sign of pregnancy! If you're trying to get pregnant, watching for changes in your breast may be one of the first indicators you've conceived.

5.  Low Blood Sugar 

You may notice an overall fatigue, or just feeling really poorly.  You may even be very irritable or grumpy.  These are all signs of low blood sugar, and many women suffer low blood sugar during the first trimester of pregnancy.  I frequently had low blood sugar beginning around 4-6 weeks and lasting all the way till week 12.

If you begin feeling this way, try eating a little snack.  If you notice a big difference in how you feel, the culprit could be low blood sugar.  If you suspect that's what it is, you can go to the store and buy a glucometer to check at home.  If you are pregnant and having blood sugar problems it's a good idea to have one of these on hand anyways!

Keep in mind that though these are some of less noticeable or obvious signs of pregnancy, noticing these things does not always mean you're pregnant.  There are many other causes for the symptoms listed above and the only sure fire way of knowing is going to the doctor.  Even at home pregnancy tests, though very accurate, can malfunction or show false results on occasion!

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