Friday, June 1, 2012

5 Tips for Using Ovulation Kits

1. Test For Ovulation Twice a Day

These kits test for certain hormone known as Luteinizing Hormone (LH).  This hormone will rise just before you ovulate.  But, the hormone rises for only a short while.  So testing twice a day is key to ensure you don't miss the rise in the hormone level.  Pick two times and always test during those times.  I recommend morning and night, easy to remember.

2.  Wait 4 Hours

Ovulation kits measure the amount of LH present.  You will always have small amount but it's testing for a rise.  Waiting 4 hours before urinating and testing ensures that there is enough urine and hormone built up to test accurately.  Testing first thing in the morning is always a good idea.

3. Take Basal Body Temperature

This will help save you money and is two ways to confirm ovulation.  If you're testing your basal body temperature, you'll know about when to expect ovulation.  So you begin using the ovulation kits shortly before hand and it's much easier on the pocket book than doing it for a week or two.

4.  Read the Directions First

You're probably thinking, of course I will!  But there are different kinds of ovulation kits, some you dip in urine and some you hold in your urine stream.  It's easy to get up in the morning and have to go really and get in a hurry.  You end up just ripping the kit open and not having time to read the directions.  So read the directions the night before or as soon as you get it to avoid this and know exactly the method you have to use.

5.  Set Up Your Area

Before you begin testing, set up your area in the bathroom.  This will avoid wasting any ovulation kits or using them inappropriately.  I recommend having a hand towel, a timer, a urine cup, a flat surface, and of course a trash can handy.  You can set the cup and test on a flat surface with the hand towel or a covering over it to avoid getting urine on your counters.  Most kits take about 5 minutes to take a reading so you can set your timer and know when to read it.  You'll want to keep the urine cup right by the toilet to avoid scrambling around looking for it when you're ready to go.

I recommend buying your ovulation kits in large packages as well.  Testing twice a day for several days will use many kits and you'll save yourself a little money buying in larger packages.  Amazon offers a nice variety and good prices.  Plus you can read reviews of each of the products to see which ones you like best!

Walmart also offers a wide variety of tests to use but before you go pick one out, at least visit Amazon or another review site to get some opinions on the different ovulation tests.  This will help a great deal in picking out the one that's right for you!

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