Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Foods To Improve Fertility

1.  Whole Dairy Products To Improve Your Fertility

Getting whole milk, cheese, cottage cheese or any dairy product as long as it's full fat instead of reduced fat may help to increase your fertility.  Studies have shown that women who eat whole dairy products instead of the reduced fat versions have less problems with their ovulation.

This couldn't be better news, whole dairy products to improve fertility!  It's richer and taste better!  So go for the full fat variety, but don't gorge yourself all the time.  Remember to cut calories elsewhere to avoid weight gain as well.

Dairy products in general may actually decrease your fertility.  So if you can get your calcium from other sources and skip out on eating much dairy.  If you do love your cheese (like me), then get the whole versions to help improve the possible negative effects on your fertility.

2.  Men- Improve Your Fertility With Oysters

Oysters are high in Zinc.  To maintain certain testosterone levels zinc is incredibly important.  It also helps maintain adequate semen amounts.  So to increase your testosterone and semen amounts (or at least maintain adequate levels), eat oysters!

3.  Get Your Vitamins and Minerals

Getting 100% of important vitamins and minerals such as Iron, B12, Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E is very important to maintaining not only your health, but the health of your baby once you become pregnant.  Many fully believe getting enough of this in your daily diet really improves your odds for getting pregnant.  Try citrus fruits for Vitamin C, green leafy vegetables (like spinach) for Iron, for vitamin E try some peanuts, add wheat germ to your cereal or salad for Zinc, and for vitamin B12 try some swiss cheese or eggs!

These are not the only vitamins important for maintaining your health and fertility though.  You can always choose a multivitamin or supplements to get the daily amount needed if your not getting it  in your diet.  Just remember to consult your doctor before starting any new supplement or medication.

4.  Coffee For Men

Sperm motility is actually the amount of moving sperm in a sample of semen.  The more active your swimmers are, the better your motility.  The better your motility, the better chances you and your partner have of conceiving.

Caffeine has been shown to improve motility of sperm.  Increased motility means improved fertility! So have a nice hot cup right before hand.  A boost of energy will be much appreciated as well I'm sure!

5.  De-Caff For Women

Drinking de-caff coffee doesn't improve fertility but it keeps you from decreasing your fertility by drinking regular.  It is believed that more than one cup of coffee a day may actually be detrimental to your fertility.  So go for the de-caff when you can!

Improving Your Fertility

There are many ways to attempt to increase your fertility.  Most methods, though not scientifically proven, have been used by tons of women (and men) and they swear by these methods.  There is no way to guarantee if these methods will work for you or not.  But all these foods are pretty healthy so eating them in moderation can't hurt, and maybe you'll get pregnant too!

Remember it is important to maintain a healthy weight while trying to get pregnant.  Crash dieting or gorging yourself is a big no no.  So eat healthy (occasional cheating is ok I'm sure haha!) and don't attempt to lose large amounts of weight quickly.

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