Saturday, May 27, 2017

Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain

In this article, we're going to discuss a healthy pregnancy weight gain .  No it's not a just a straight number for every woman.  A lot depends on your pre-pregnancy weight and specifically what your BMI was before you were pregnant.  So let's have a look! 

What is BMI? 

BMI stands for Body Mass Index.  Well in simple terms, it's a measurement of your weight to height proportion.  Yes there is a bit more that goes into it, such as muscle amount and things, but that's the simple version.  So click the following link to find out your BMI ----> BMI calculator.  The higher your BMI, the less it is recommended for you to gain.  Also, if you're carrying twins or more, the amount you'll have to gain is higher! 

Pregnancy Weight Gain for BMI

Ok now you've got your BMI, let's look at the healthy pregnancy weight gain guidelines below. 

BMI                                  Weight Gain

18.5 or less                        28-40 pounds

18.5-24.9                           25-35 pounds

25-29.9                              15-25 pounds

30 or higher                       11-20 pounds

Now this is an indicator of the total amount of weight gain that is recommended.  It based off of recent studies and is one of the first recommendations of its kind to come out in about 20 years! Remember this is for informational purpose only.  You should always follow your physician's orders and recommendations for what your healthy pregnancy weight gain should be. 


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